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 Post subject: "Pcfl" Clan Chat Rules & Ranks
PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2014 11:19 am 
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Runescape Name: Pcfl
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Pcfl's friend list is currently 107/200.

Basic Clan Chat rules:

    :arrow: No using slurs directed toward anyone of a specific nationality or sexual orientation. Anyone arguing about what is and what is not a slur will be kicked.

    :arrow: No flaming / flame baiting. "Flaming" is the action of attacking somebody with repeated offensive messages. "Flame baiting" is the action of provoking somebody to get into a fight, or repeatedly trying to annoy somebody.

    :arrow: No insulting other members.

    :arrow: No back talking the Clan Chat Mods/Staff.

    :arrow: No spamming using Quick-chat. The Clan Chat Mods will decide what is considered spamming and what is not.

    :arrow: No referring to any sites.

    :arrow: No asking for ranks if you don't meet the requirements for one.

    :arrow: If you have been kicked from the Clan Chat, you should NOT rejoin on another account; doing so will result in further removal from the chat.

    :arrow: All Jagex rules apply. Read about them HERE.

    :arrow: All other Peacefull rules apply. Read about them HERE.

Regarding clan chat banning:

    :arrow: A user who has been banned from Peacefull for breaking both forum rules and clan chat rules are to remain on the ignore list permanently.

    :arrow: A user who has been banned from Peacefull for only breaking forum rules will still be allowed in the clan chat on a short leash.

    :arrow: A user who has been banned from Peacefull for only breaking the clan chat rules will be permanently on the ignore list on all accounts.

    :arrow: A guest to Peacefull who breaks the clan chat rules may receive a warning, but will ultimately receive a kick if he/she continues.

    :arrow: A guest to Peacefull who has received a clan chat ban will stay banned until the staff decides his/her behavior has changed.

    :arrow: If a guest has been let back in, or is on a short leash in continues to break rules again, he/she will be permanently banned from the clan chat on all accounts.

PCFL Clan Chat ranking explanation.

Image - Friend - Honored Members

Image - Recruit - Clan Member and Alumni. Guests read HERE to make sure you meet the requirements, then post an application HERE if you do.

Image - Corporal - 25 million total experience or 1100 total.

Image - Sergeant - 50 million total experience or 1200 total.

Image - Lieutenants - 100 million total experience or 1200 total.

Image - Captain - Clan Chat Moderators. Clan Chat Moderators are a closed group, the only way to become one is by invitation of the staff. You need to have at least a Member ranking to become a Clan Chat Mod.

Image - Generals - Staff (Administrators and Global Moderators)

The following is a list of all of the ranks in the clan chat. To be ranked, you cannot be inactive in RuneScape. RuneScape accounts are listed first and forum names are listed in parenthesis.


  • Oo Nature Oo
  • Exklam
  • Chantrry (Algidcancer)
  • Abliviun (Lord Zivak)
  • 0sry (Astarium)
  • Mr Opz
  • Oh A Wc Cape
  • o8 (Kaaslip)
  • Sid Viicious
  • Noobdafuture


  • Krevil
  • Andabatus
  • Yun
  • Cam Marter (0v3rsk1ll3d)
  • Reunite (Peaceable)
  • 5lurpee
  • Soup Is Ftw
  • Room
  • Katsumii
  • Equip
  • Cynical Dark
  • At Ge
  • Fear To Hope
  • Nice O_o (Schottcok)
  • Pirax
  • The Sancore
  • Unda I King
  • Nixplicit
  • Plate
  • Wmp 2003
  • Syck (Only Mikeh)
  • Sgt Ishmael (Sgt Skilzz)
  • Clear Winter
  • Just Chillan
  • Katie Wilde
  • xBrien
  • North Beach
  • Alpha 1315
  • Agileet
  • TheDutchNewb (Teh Newb)
  • Mr3
  • Hephaesthus
  • w h y cb
  • Lex Faber
  • Yin (Nerf)
  • Agile Herb
  • Yager
  • Release
  • Ob Ct (Special Ephx)
  • Nemo Is Real
  • Bnmtwins
  • Belw
  • X Sc0tl4nd X
  • Cesium Nannys))
  • Low LvL So (I Wuv Joni)
  • L E E T Dger (L E E T Wcer)
  • o Cameron
  • Mohn
  • Yay Hooray
  • Leet Defence
  • Meqapixels
  • I Made Fb
  • Natures Vibe
  • xDeadly (iSkys)
  • Lnfinlte
  • Mevuan (Pluto)
  • Jesvs Christ
  • Bal0on
  • Car Radio
  • Which Seat (Tmi)
  • iJT
  • Fishy Willow
  • Dwarf Planet (I Am Shamu)

Elite Members:

  • Wc Or Live
  • Saltreat
  • Soul In Pain
  • Spiritfox
  • Only Lilly
  • Plunder
  • Jasonbear

Honored Members:
  • Lesiva
  • A Skiller
  • Lullaber (lv3 Lullaby)
  • Roi Tan
  • Lehto
  • Olm
  • Magic Guapo
  • Tortoises
  • Timper (Evilclawfish)
  • 258 For Life
  • Logs Vs Yews
  • Fergu (Xxxmage Xxx)

Clan Chat Moderators:
  • Kid Celvage
  • Sych
  • I Merch Ftw
  • Apadravya (Eww A Lvl 3)
  • Nanny (Kie-Dong)
  • The Low Lv
  • Evil Corpse
  • Jig You Fool
  • Total Z

Staff Members:
  • Penoze
  • Makin Pyro
  • King Tazo
  • Facebook Inc
  • D5a5n5i5e5l5
  • X 3 D
  • Pure99legacy (Pure99Skillz)

Pm me if you have any questions, edits, or comments.

Currently playing Old School Runescape on Pcfl ~ W333!
Made by Toahst
Spoiler for Other:

Made by Toahst
Made by Love The Pie

Made by Eww A Lvl 3

Made by Lulla - R.I.P., buddy

Made by me

Fishing Animation
Image :evil:
Made by Robb

99 Fletching - May 8, 2007
99 Firemaking - Sep 15, 2007
99 Cooking - Feb 23, 2008
Global Moderator - March 21, 2008
99 Woodcutting - May 04, 2008
Combat Gained - June 18, 2008
99 Thieving - Oct 12, 2008
100m Total XP - Jan 24, 2009
Player Moderator - Oct 15, 2009
99 Farming - Dec 9, 2009
99 Fishing - March 9, 2010
99 Agility - April 27, 2010
200m Total XP - June 13, 2010
99 Ranged - Jan 5, 2011
Retired - Feb 20, 2012

Started Old School Runescape - Feb 22, 2013
Old School Quest Cape - Jan 23, 2014
99 Firemaking - July 12, 2014


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