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 Post subject: Public Chat Rules, FAQ and Links - Read BEFORE Posting!
PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:20 pm 
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General forum rules

- No inappropriate language
- No spamming
- No flaming
- No harmful links

No inappropriate language

If you are unsure of what is covered by inappropriate language, just avoid using language that is censored in RS.

All posts with inappropriate language will be edited by a moderator. If a moderator notice repeated offences to this rule a warning will be given. If the inappropriate language persists, the offending member may be temporarily banned or banned.

No spamming

Spam is Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages.

Posting just "Lol" on a thread is spam. Posting totally off topic things on a thread is spam.

Please do not make posts just to post, make sure your post actually have content.

Spam posts may be deleted by a moderator. Members who repeatedly post spam may be given a warning, and if the spamming continues they may be banned.

No flaming

Flaming is posting messages that are deliberately hostile or insulting.

You may post your disagreement on a thread, but do so in a constructive way. Do not make a post just to insult someone else.

Posts that contain flaming may be locked by a moderator. The moderator may also try to stop the flaming but keep the discussion on the thread going. In such cases a warning to stop flaming may be given on the thread. If flaming continues the moderators may edit or delete the offending posts. If members continuously makes flaming posts, they may be banned.

No advertising

You may not advertise in game Clan Chats and/or forums/sites.

No harmful links

You must not post any links to executable or websites that may be harmful, i.e. contain keyloggers, cheating communities, password scams etc.

The forum specific rules may be more restrictive on what links are allowed. On most forums, including the public forums, no links are allowed at all.

Guests who post links on the public forum without the link compilation will have the post deleted and will receive an ip-ban.
Members who post actual harmful links will be banned and receive an ip-ban.
Members who post links that may be harmful, or post links in forums where no links should be posted will have their posts edited and may be warned appropriately.

Link Compilation

Here is a compilation of links that have been tested by me or other moderators/admins and deemed safe to visit. Use CTRL + F to see if a link is here. - Heterodoxius's personal website. - What does RS mean? How about YMCA? This site will tell you. - Social networking site. - Image uploading site. - Image uploading site. - A place to converse with people - An image uploading site - The homepage of the popular Runescape. - Runescape fansite with guides, skill calculators and forums. - List of Total Levels and the Country the player is from. - Runescape fansite with guides, skill calculators and forums. - Unofficial RuneScape wikia - User edited encyclopedia. - Popular video sharing website. Keep cursing to a minimum. Video must be apropriate for all ages. - Plenty of useful downloads and tools.

Note: Got a link you want added? Please PM one of the following moderators to get it approved, or we will delete it and action may be taken against your account.


Dear guests,

Please read this before creating a new thread - chances are that some of your questions have been asked and answered in the past already. Feel free to use our search system to find the information you look for, too.

Below is a compilation of some most frequently asked questions asked and answered on our public forums including links to the original posts for a quick solution.

Q1: What are the requirements to join Clan Peacefull?
A1: You can find the requirements here.

Q2: My combat level is above 30. Can you make an exception?
A2: The short answer is: no. We sometimes do make exceptions, but this is very unusual. Look here.

Q3: I don't meet the combat requirements. Can I join as a clan friend?
A3: No, sorry. The Clan Friend status doesn't exist any more. You are still welcome as a guest here, of course - even if you don't meet the requirements.

Q4: How can I join?
A4: Here is how it works:
a) Read our rules and guidelines here,
b) Check if you meet the requirements here,
c) Post your Application in the Applications section using this Application Form,
d) Wait for an Administrator to approve your application.

Q5: How long does it take for my Application to be approved by an Administrator?
A5: It usually takes 1-3 days for Member Applications to be approved. Please just be patient.

Q6: Who is your Leader?
A6: Other clans have Leaders, we have Administrators and the Staff. For the list of our Administrators look here.

Q7: Where is Zzzamorak?
A7: He doesn't seem to be very active these days.

Q8: Does Clan Peacefull have a Clan Chat? Can non-members enter it?
A8: Yes, our official clan chat is Peacefull. It is open for everybody. We also have a friend chat named Pcfl.

Q9: I saw a clan member break some rule. What should I do?
A9: We take enforcing the rules very seriously and take actions against every rule-breaker. Here is what you should do to report such an incident:
- First of all, collect some evidence - a screenshot could be a good idea.
- Second, send the evidence with your view of the case to one of our Administrators or our Staff using pm.
Do not post any evidence on public forums.

Q10: May I pm Administrators or Staff if I have any questions?
A10: Generally speaking, please don't. Questions about the game Runescape or the Clan itself belong into the public forum. Look here.
There are a couple of exceptions though: reports about rule breaking, problems with your account, personal information and alike. Such problems should generally be solved with the Staff directly.

These Staff Members are willing to help our guests and may be contacted via pm on problems concerning our Clan:
- Chick Ken (Thread creator)
- Magic Guapo (Global Moderator)
- King Tazo (Administrator)
- Makin Pyro (Global Moderator)
- D5a5n5i5e5l5 (Global Moderator)
- Facebook Inc (Global Moderator)
- Krevil (Public Forum Moderator)
(dear Staff, feel free to add your names here if you wish to be contacted by guests or pm me to be added)

Q11: Where are the famous guides? How can I do Shilo Village, Lost City, etc. as a low-level skiller?
A11: Our guides are in the members-only area of our forum. Once you meet the requirements, you will have access to them. We prefer members who join us to become part of our community and not just to get access to the the guides though. More about it here: Shilo, Lost City.

Q12: What other quests can a level 3 skiller complete?
A12: You might want to check out this list, including the discussion.

Q13: How do I take a screenshot?
A13: Look here for an explanation.

Q14: How do I upload and post a picture?
A14: Look here for a short how-to.

Q15: Does Clan Peacefull have an IRC channel, if so what is it?
A15: Yes, we do have an IRC channel and the channel name is #clan-peacefull

Spoiler for Template for moderators:

[b]Qxx: New question goes here[/b]
[b]Axx: [/b]Answer goes here, please include a link to the original post

Q99: I have another question which should be added to the above list!
A99: Great! If your question was already answered somewhere, please pm me or another Staff Member, we will be happy to add it to this FAQ. The FAQ itself is locked to keep it short and clear.

If you have a new question that might be interesting, and you didn't find an answer on our forums, feel free post it here. Many of our members and guests are willing to help!

Suggestions on how to improve this FAQ are always welcome too.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and have lots of fun!

Chick Ken
Your Ex-Public Forums Moderator

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