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Author:  Skillion [ Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Skills Application

1. My Runescape name is: Skillion
2. My skill total level is: 568
3. My total exp is: 10,280,884
4. My highest level is: 94 Fletching
5. My combat level is: 3
6. Reason for getting combat levels (if any): 99 Prayer (maybe)
7. Will I gain more combat levels?: Perhaps, when I get most skills to 99.
8. I discovered the clan by: pcfl Bones livestream
9. Link to a picture of me greeting Clan Peacefull and my statistics in-game (Don't worry, it's all right to post links here):
10. My other Runescape accounts are: FTW_Hardstyle (RS3)
11. My timezone (country) is: Eastern Standard Time (East coast)
12. I want to join Clan Peacefull because: I want to join a group of like-minded skillers who skill for fun.
13. Tell us about yourself: I have been playing runescape on and off since 2006 or so. I started playing WoW around 2008. Besides skilling, I plan on playing with my WoW guild for the new X-Pac and will jump on OSRS as downtime from questing and raiding. I also am into anime and enjoy talking about it from time to time.
14. Tell us about your Runescape history: As stated above I picked up Runescape in 2006 from a friend of mine in elementary school. I played pretty much everyday until I picked up World of Warcraft and stop playing Runescape. I came back a few times and decided that Jagex had changed the system way too much for me to return (giving my main maxed melee did it for me). I have been playing again since the release of OSRS. I plan on continuing playing OSRS until either Jagex screws with the game again or I get really really busy IRL to the point that I cant get to a computer.

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Author:  Bone [ Thu Oct 30, 2014 11:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Skills Application

I don't think you quite meet the requirements yet, as they currently stand. 5m of your total experience must come from a stat other than Fletching/Cooking/Firemaking, and by my calculations you still need about 3m more experience in other stats in order to meet the requirements.

I'll go ahead and lock this thread for now, feel free to re-apply when you meet the requirements 8)

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