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SubZerO's Application
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Author:  Pcfl Subzero [ Fri Apr 10, 2015 6:27 am ]
Post subject:  SubZerO's Application

1. My Runescape name is: o2o SubZerO (the o2o is an old clan tag from quake 3 that I use in games for whenever SubZerO is taken, would switch to pcfl if I got accepted if that's aloud).
2. My skill total level is: 900
3. My total exp is: 17.5M
4. My highest level is: 98 Fletch
5. My combat level is: 3
6. Reason for getting combat levels (if any): Don't have any.
7. Will I gain more combat levels?: Don't see me leveling combat for any reason.
8. I discovered the clan by: I saw Joey (pcfl Bone) streaming on twitch about a month ago which got me back into playing - I made my account on release of osrs but never got into playing really.
9. Link to a picture of me greeting Clan Peacefull and my statistics in-game (Don't worry, it's all right to post links here):
10. My other Runescape accounts are: I have 2 fishing alts that I have at sharks anytime that I'm doing any afk/sem-afkable skill on my main.
11. My timezone (country) is: PST (Canada)
12. I want to join Clan Peacefull because: I'm looking to find a skilling clan that is established because I've joined into two different cc's so far since starting up again and neither have lasted for any longer then a week.
13. Tell us about yourself: I'm 21, I work full time Monday-Friday 9am-6pm PST so I'm not available during the daytime on weekdays but I still play anywhere from 4-6 hours a night on those nights depending on how work went (I go to sleep around 2-3am). And then I play most of the weekends 10-12 hours each day.
14. Tell us about your Runescape history: I've played off and on, on a multitude of accounts since rs classic back in 2001-02 when my older brother showed me it when I was 8. Followed the game through most of the updates but upon the talks of EoC on rs3 I started to play other games again (WoW, LoL and CoD). I joined osrs on release so my account was created back in Febuary of 2013 but I probably only put 10 hours into it before going back to the games I was currently into. But, as I said early I fell upon Joey's stream since I was pretty active on twitch for LoL and was interested in making a skiller like his. I've made skillers before but I like the idea of getting all my skills to 98 (hence the 98 fletch sitting at 13M exp) and getting the majority of 99's in 1 big party. I have 99 rc'ing banked and was thinking about doing something different for fm'ing along the lines of 75-99 in 1 sitting over the course of 30 or so hours. Depends on my time available to do something like that but I feel like doing something different this time since I've got a lot of the non cmb skills 99 2-3 times before.

Anyways, sorry for the long application but look forward to hearing back :)

Author:  Pure99Skillz [ Sat Apr 11, 2015 6:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SubZerO's Application

Welcome to Clan Peacefull. :D

To get a rank in the Clan Chat, please post in this thread or Private message Makin Pyro.

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