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 Post subject: General forum rules
PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:50 am 
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General rules for across the entire forum

Each forum on this forum has its own rules that can be found in a sticky on that specific forum category.
Those rules describe what type of topics should be posted on that particular forum.

Every Clan Peacefull visitor is entitled to the respect of the other members of the player community. With this in mind, the following behaviour is deemed unacceptable on our forums

The following are rules to be followed on the entire forum

Forum RulesDefinition
No advertising other clansClan Peacefull is a clan on it's own and we would like to remind you that while you may be a part of another clan that you should respect Clan Peacefull as you would want someone else to respect you.While we allow multi-clanning we would like to remind you that advertising other clans via signatures/avatars or wording (Join clan ABC, It's fun!) is not allowed.
No being disrespectfulBeing rude to anyone in the clan or a visitor will NOT be tolerated.
No bumping old postsPosting on older topics on the forum are considered dead topics and posting on topics that are fairly old is not allowed. We encourage you if you could post on topics from today’s age.
No Cheating Clan Peacefull does not accept people who do the following: Account Trading, Bug Abusing, Cheating, Drop Trading, Macroing, Multi-Logging, Real World Trading, Scamming
No discrimination/racismAny form of discrimination or Racism will NOT be tolerated. This goes for insulting anyone's religious, sexual or other personal beliefs.
No double postingInstead of double posting (etc), edit your post (If that is the last post on the thread). Doing that will make it appear brand new to everyone else. Guests are unavailable to edit their posts. If a Guest double (etc) posts, please just ignore it. When a Staff member comes across the post, they will take the appropriate action of editing the posts into one. Please do not create spam by confronting the user about their double posting. Alternatively you may private message an active Staff member who will come along and edit the posts into one.
No flamingFlaming is posting messages that are deliberately hostile or insulting.
You may post your disagreement on a thread, but do so in a constructive way. Do not make a post just to insult someone else. Anything that could be hurtful to another person should not be posted.
No harmful linksYou must not post any links to executables or websites that may be harmful, i.e. contain keyloggers, cheating communities, password scams etc. This also includes posts that contain illegal content including; piracy, warez, hacking, botting and any copyrighted material (Without permission) is not allowed. The Staff handpicked several sites that we consider safe which can be found Here!
No misleading titles or linksPosting misleading links or topic titles only to get attention is not allowed. Your title or link must represent the subject in your topic.
No inappropriate languageIf you are unsure of what is covered by inappropriate language, just avoid using language that is censored in Runescape.
Post in the right forumAlthough most of our forum categories are self-explanary please be sure to do your best on posting on the correct forum.
We have descriptions under every forum category that tells you what the specific forum is about, you should read those before posting.
No spammingSpamming is pretty much just a post or a thread that doesn't add any constructive content towards the forum. This includes posting short and un-productive comments like a smiley “:’)” and “Lol”, anything uncalled for.

The following are actions that will be done when breaking one of those rules on the forum

Forum RulesModerator Action
No advertising other clansIf a user is caught having other clan advertisements, (s)he will have his/her signature/avatar/wording edited out following with a private message with a high chance on receiving a warning.
No being disrespectfulYou will be warned and depending on the matter of the offence a temporary/permanent ban may be placed on your account.
No bumping old postsYour post will get deleted and you will be warned.
No Cheating Cheaters will be banned from the clan if caught on cheating. If you catch someone breaking a rule, do not hesitate and Private Message an active Staff member with the evidence. Do not post it on the forums, it will be deleted.
No discrimination/racismYou will be warned and depending on the matter of the offence a temporary/permanent ban may be placed on your account.
No double postingMembers who double post will have their post deleted and warned. Guests however will have their posts edited in, unless they deliberately make multiple posts on purpose.
No flamingPosts that contain flaming may be locked by a moderator. The moderator may also try to stop the flaming but keep the discussion on the thread going. In such cases a warning to stop flaming may be given on the thread. If flaming continues the moderators may edit or delete the offending posts. If members/guests continuously makes flaming posts, they may be banned.
No harmful linksMembers who post links that may be harmful will have their posts edited and may be warned appropriately.
Guests will be banned on sight.
No misleading titles or linksMembers or guests who post misleading topic titles will have their title edited out and be warned.
No inappropriate languageAll posts with inappropriate language will be edited by a moderator. If a moderator notice repeated offenses to this rule a warning will be given. Any member who uses offensive language 5 times or more will be temporarily banned and any further inappropriate language will result in a permanent ban. Guests will be under close watch and will be judged on their forum behavior when making an application.
Post in the right forum A Staff member will re-locate your topic to the rightful forum and you’ll receive a private message explaining you where your topic Is gone.
No spammingYour post may get deleted, or edited and you will be warned.

If you see someone breaking any of these rules please either click the "Image " bottom to report the post or contact a Moderator or an Administrator. Please don't tell the person who has broken the rules as this is a Moderators job and it could easily turn into a flame war if you told the person up-front.

You agree that by posting content on the forums, Staff reserves the right to decide what happens to the posted content.Image

  • Staff reserves the right to change/adjusts posts made by original authors without asking for permission.
  • Staff may if required delete/edit your post.
  • is not responsible for inappropriate posts that are posted by others.
  • Staff reserve the right to delete your forum account without a warning.
  • can, if requested by Staff, take over threads/posts posted by their users and make it content. Doing so will make posts posted by their users not claimable for copyright, or personal policy.

By not agreeing to our Forum policy, you are not permitted to use this forum.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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